Manufacture of textile machines:

Emme S.r.l. manufactures new winding machines from the company’s plans and, ever attentive to clients’ unique demands, updates and improves them constantly to achieve higher performance in terms of productive capacity.

Machines produced by Emme S.r.l. are precision winders adapted for rewinding of technical yarns and sewing thread, used in the stitching sector in general, from embroidery to the automotive sector.

Market and sectoral demands of the textile sector have prompted Emme S.r.l. to provide machines which are custom-made for 20-25% of its total manufacture. This makes it possible to satisfy most clients’ requirements.

The collection reels of the winders of Emme S.r.l. are of the conical Kingspool type or cylindrical with a minimum size of 2″ up to a maximum of 12″.

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Sale of SIMET spinners for discontinuous threads

For many years Emme S.r.l. has been working with SIMET, a company located in Rubiera specialising in the manufacture of grooved drum roll spinners for discontinuous threads.

Emme S.r.l. is a distributor of SIMET textile machines and provides, apart from sales, an efficient after-sales service, both in northern Italy and also in Europe.

Besides winders, SIMET brand doubling machines for doubling and pre-twisting yarn and small workshop machines like Minitwister and one position electronic twisters are available at Emme.

SIMET winders can be used either before or after dyeing, thanks to the use of an electronically controlled solid paraffin wax system.

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Sale of ZHEJIANG TAIHE winders for continuous yarn

For about 6 years Emme S.r.l. has also been collaborating with TAIHE, a Chinese manufacturer of winders, electronic unwinding and doubling machines, both precision and random, ideal for a wide range of processing.

The sale of and after-sale services for TAIHE machines is also undertaken.

TAIHE machines are very versatile and are provided with an electronic thread guide which ensures maximum flexibility in the various spinning formats and in yarn interweaving.  This means that the best result is achieved for the phase following rewinding.

The range of machines available include new machines with automatic doffing, for use by the sewing sector for the shoemaking sector and for the technical sector of Kevlar, glass fibre and carbon fibre.

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For any inquiries about our machines or to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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