Technical Assistance

Emme S.r.l. is the point of reference in the province of Lecco and for the whole of northern Italy for repair and technical services for textile machines whether used or in for overhaul.

Emme’s highly qualified staff in fact ensures timeous and efficient assistance using only original and top quality spare parts.

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Repairs to Textile machines

Repair operations to textile machines are operations that require specific experience and extensive technical knowledge as well as great attention to detail.

These are all attributes that can be found in Emme’s specialised technicians, who, in short order can identify and resolve any kind of problem: from machine programming errors to mechanical faults or electricity supply defects.

Our repair operations make it possible return a textile machine to  working order and full functionality rapidly, reducing to the minimum the machine’s stoppage time.

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Original spare parts

All-round technical assistance offered by Emme S.r.l. is available both for machines it manufactures as well as on technologies developed by other companies in the sector.

The highly specialised technicians of Emme S.r.l. in use only top quality original spare parts in repair operations and in ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Do not hesitate contacting us about any information, sales offers and assistance for textile machines: we are always at your disposal for any type of need.

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Maintenance of Textile Machines

Emme is available for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance upkeep on textile machines, winders, doubling and twisting machines.

Maintenance could be necessary  at any stage of the working life of textile machines, for example in the event of an unexpected malfunction, or as a preventative action to replace worn parts.

Planned maintenance is a fundamental programme to ensure continuous textile production and to limit machine stoppages as far as possible.

Entrusting maintenance to specialised technicians is the best option to guarantee quality and long-lasting service, whether on site or in the workshop.

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For any inquiries about our machines or to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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